Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Drought Resistance

As I look at my seed purchases for 2013, I can hear a subliminal voice in the back of my head...drought.

Should I plant red clover or another legume for the 2014 soybeans?...drought, drought, drought, drought

Do I follow up with a green manure crop?...drought, drought, drought, drought

What will provide more calories or protein, canarygrass, sorghum sudangrass, grazing corn, drought, drought, drought, drought.

While I fear what might become, I'm certainly not mortified. Our permaculture approach for the past five years has built soil tilth which in turn means that our soils hold more water, nutrients and in essence when we start the season out behind in moisture, we will not be as far behind as neighbors. 

So do I think about the forecasts. Yes. With that said, I plan to purchase the variety of forages that will benefit our soils both this year and in the future. 

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