Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Beginning and a time to reflect

Well here it is.

The first blog post for Mountain Lane Farm, Wauzeka, WI.

Where's the fanfare? The IPO type celebration? There's not so much as a piece of gum for such an occasion.

That's okay. There wasn't much hoopla when the farm began to change hands from my parents to my wife and I over a decade ago. For nearly ten years, we have made gradual improvements with one income, grants and two years of loans.

This blog, as it has been for millions will be a journal of what is happening on the farm, what plans are coming and what I'm reading or thinking about.

I suspect that there will be times when you read postings and will disagree. I hope we can in my limited time share a healthy dialogue that educates all who follow about the topic at hand.

I would like to thank the staff at Webwise Design in Fennimore, WI. Folks, if you want to create a viral presence on the internet, take time and spend some hard earned dollars with them. I was fortunate to receive a grant for this, but the results as you will see in a couple of days are extraordinary. Margaret, Aimee, Mike and John are fantastic. I would recommend them to anyone.

That's a good start. We'll post some more tomorrow.