Friday, December 2, 2011

Wisconsin Rural Summit

Made the little drive up to Wausau this morning to learn more about Strategic Doing at the Wisconsin Rural Summit. Strategic Doing is a cousin to Appreciative Inquiry and takes conversations to determine what people are doing and how we can work together for real change. Anything that eliminates the lizard brain is well worth the day of attendance. There was a workbook that we completed on the priorities, partnerships and opportunities we saw coming here today to grow Rural Wisconsin. I really envision a fast day with some fruitful conversations in which to establish new partnerships and ideas to be of better service to CESA #3's schools.

While I wear my hat of CESA #3, I am fully invested in just how we use fewer resources, people and time to make real change take place. Its not a shock that there are fewer people in rural Wisconsin. The challenge is not to build up roadblocks but calculate ways to maximize what we have in order that we maintain and potentially grow our areas by maintaining quality of life while still providing big city amenities.

Its days like this when I do not have some expectations that are some of the best professional development for me. I will try to recap the day later on...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Overcoming my lizard brain

I know it has been months since I published anything. No excuses...I won't offer any and will not provide any here. As Seth Godin so kindly titled it, my 'lizard brain' got the best of me. No more. I want to comment throughout the winter on weather, the next growing year, basically on what I'm thinking with regards to the farm.

As I speak, I am awaiting a brief snow shower to pass through before I head out to check the animals, waterers and anything else before I head off for my next occupation.

As this migrates immediately to facebook, I would appreciate any feedback as you get to peep inside me to understand my thought process.

My cessation from the lizard brain begins now...