Thursday, March 7, 2013


We seen it now for what is going on 5 months. Its been heavy and sometimes light in mass. Its come up to a foot in depth or just a trace. Its been blown around or stayed still for the majority of the winter.

While I'm young enough to still chomp on the bit waiting for Old Man Winter to pass, this year in particular, I'm happy for the snow. 

The snow provides moisture and I'm surprised at how many have too soon forgotten that just seven months ago, we were complaining about a lack of moisture. I was one of them.

That's why I've been budgeting my time purchasing the variety of forages that will feed the soil providing for us this year and on into the future. 

As I was feeding cows last night, my sons bragged how they needed to become 'sponsored' shovelers. I found that funny, but it did make me bask in the piles they created and how, with the assistance of Mother Nature that those piles will slowly melt and with work their way down into the subsoil, the area where its most needed. 

So while visions of late nights rotary tilling and seeding go through my mind, its also with dreams of snow and rain.

That's the way I see it from the Mountain!